What makes our sandwich, wraps and rolls so fresh

Our morning routine – at 7am on the dot we collect our freshly baked rolls, baguettes and wraps for the day by the time we get home to butter them they are still warm!

Our salads are checked before slicing to ensure they are ripped to perfection. Anything even slightly passed it's best is not used in our catering and that’s a promise.

Whilst one of the team is collecting the bread we start hand slicing our joints for the day they include British gammon ham, prime beef, haslet amongst others as well as making our fresh sandwich fillings using family recipes.

We work together as a team to create each platter ensuring as soon as one is completed they are wrapped in our stay fresh bags then popped straight into the fridge to ensure no drying out of the bread or rolls.

Our vans refrigeration systems are put on around 30 minutes before loading to ensure they are the correct temperature when loading to keep the freshness locked in.

We then deliver free of charge for you to enjoy.